Friday, November 19, 2021


Gimnazija "Fran Galović" Koprivnica


1. Celebrating Erasmus days with an event. link

2.Partners will present students' works in local/ national media, blogs,

websites specialized local and regional subjects 

3.Reporting about the results and budget after the C6 meeting; 

4. Dissemination of the results, in this final phase the results will be already total and

care will be taken to disseminate them to the groups representing the professors of

each discipline, so that they know the work done in their areas of study concerning

the use of ICT, mental and physical health. there will also be an intention to send

this message to the local political decision-makers at school level, in the idea that any contribution of Fit4Thought to this scale will already be a great result.  link

5. Evaluation and conclusions after C6 


 1.Evaluation of the project. link

2. Preparing final reports to NA.

C6 Italy

Boosting inclusion in diversity



Link to dissemination article:


1.Preparation of C6 mobility in Italy (cultural preparation).  link

2. Drafting the e-book with articles relating to the methods and techniques of teaching

dyslexic students. 

3. Local dissemination of the ebook


1.Preparation of the ebook of articles concerning methods and techniques of working with dyslexic students.  link

2. Dissemination of results 

3. Evaluation of the project 

4. Website, TwinSpace and Facebook updating


1.Reporting about the results and budget after the C5 meeting in Croatia. 

2. Interviews and discussions with students, surveys and analysis of educational 

achievement of students. link

3. An event concerning eating disorders  link

4. Workshops for dyslexic students (part II) 

5. Website, Facebook and TwinSpace updating

  Gimnazija "Fran Galović" Koprivnica